Guild Lodge Support Worker Job Description

Written by jeremy price | 13/05/2017

Guild Lodge is a mental health institution located in the UK. Its support workers are responsible for caring for patients at these institutions, helping them with everything from everyday tasks to assisting their families, to counselling.


Guild Lodge support workers are commonly referred to as social workers. They evaluate patient needs and assist them accordingly, the goal being to make patients comfortable, assist with common daily tasks and in some instances, keep them under control. Support workers bring food to patients, provide emotional support and follow instructions from physicians.


Compassion and responsibility are key traits for Guild Lodge support workers. They also need to possess strong written and verbal communication skills, as well as the endurance to spend long shifts on their feet.


Guild Lodge typically prefers candidates who possess a college degree when hiring a support worker. While in school, aspiring support workers typically focus on courses such as psychology, sociology and biology.

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