How to Put a Clavinova on Casters

Updated July 19, 2017

Yamaha's Clavinova digital piano is a large keyboard that can come with either legs or a stand. There are different ways to get casters onto the keyboard depending on what kind of set-up you're working with.


If you just want to be able to transport your Clavinova while it's on a stand, just purchase casters for your set-up. If your stand is not compatible with casters, it is best to purchase a stand that is compatible or comes with them pre-installed.

Built-in Legs

If your Clavinova has built in legs and you're crafty enough to be able to do some drilling, you can drill a quarter-inch hole vertically through the legs. You can then take a threaded caster and place the stem through each hole and attach with a washer and screw anchor.


In order to transport your Clavinova easier, attach casters to your case as well. Attach two casters at one end of the case by drilling a quarter-inch hole in the bottom of both corners. Place the stem of the caster through it and secure with nuts and washers. You may want to attach a handle to the other end as well.

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