Error Code 5C00 on a Canon MP830

Written by c.a. rubino | 13/05/2017

The Canon MP830, a multifunction printer first available in 2008, features a colour LCD screen that allows users to change settings and access features easily. The LCD panel also is capable of displaying any errors that may have occurred, such as error 5c00.

Error Code

Error 5c00 is classified as a purge unit error. The purge unit is a device in the printer that refreshes and cleans the ink cartridges. This error message occurs when the printer's purge unit is not able to complete its cycle fully.


Several issues can prevent the purge unit from cycling completely. Paper or debris may be caught in the purge unit or it may have become stuck out of place.


Turn the printer on and open the cover. When the carriage has moved to the centre of the printer, disconnect the power by removing the power plug from the back. You should now be able to slide the carriage gently to the left, which will give you access to the purge unit located on the right side of the printer. Inspect the unit for any jammed debris or stuck pieces. Using a paper towel, gently move any jammed pieces back into place.


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