What paint color goes best with brown furniture?

Written by kimberly kilmer | 13/05/2017
What paint color goes best with brown furniture?
Brown is a neutral furniture colour allowing for many paint colour choices. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Brown is a natural and neutral colour that allows you to introduce a variety of coordinating and complimentary paint colours. Choose a paint colour that showcases the furniture, suits your mood and is visually appealing in the room.

Colours of Nature

Orange and yellows of a desert sunset, variations of pale green, peach and pink found in a spring garden -- or the colours from the sand and tropical pale blue sea will all work with brown furniture. Keep your paint colours lighter in hue than the brown to keep the natural theme in balance.

Trendy Color Combinations

Look toward popular colour combinations. Paint colours that will serve well as a background for your brown furnishings are pale blues, soft shades of pink and if you are bold, tropical turquoise or coral. When choosing trendy colours take the use of the room into consideration. For example, brown and pink are better suited to a bedroom than a family room.

Personal Choice

Take a sample of your brown furniture colour into the paint store. Match it against store paint samples or an artist's colour wheel finding shades that please you. If you are unsure, purchase a few coloured paint sample sizes and try them on a small scale prior to committing to the colour in the entire room.

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