Hand Pallet Truck Safety

Written by paul miceli | 13/05/2017
Hand Pallet Truck Safety
Hand pallet trucks are regularly used in warehouses. (warehouse image by Niki from Fotolia.com)

Hand pallet trucks are used in a number of industrial locations for the physical movement of stock. Pallets can be placed onto the trucks using a pump handle mechanism that lifts them off the ground. The hand pallet truck can be subsequently manoeuvred into tight spaces by a trained operator. Safety is a key consideration in all areas of pallet truck use.

Reasons for Safety Training

Hand pallet trucks should only be used by trained personnel. Safe operation helps operators avoid personal injury and damage to stock. Safety training also encourages hand pallet truck users to show consideration for the safety of working colleagues. By understanding how to lift loads safely, stock can be moved to different locations with minimal risk to employees.

Key Factors

Hand pallet truck safety training incorporates several factors. Staff can learn how to lift loads safely, keep them balanced and move them correctly. Key points include the pulling of a truck to ensure maximum vision during the transit process and performing emergency stops by lowering the forks on which pallets of stock are placed.


Safety training on hand pallet trucks should be an ongoing process that provides a reinforcement of safe usage principles for all staff. Hold regular meetings to promote safe working practices and establish a maintenance program to ensure hand pallet trucks remain in a safe and usable condition

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