Is satin paint finish shinier than eggshell?

Written by nanette delaney burton | 13/05/2017
Is satin paint finish shinier than eggshell?
Picking the right paint finish should be easier than picking the right colour. (paint roller image by Ana de Sousa from

Home renovations, such as painting the walls, are an exciting way to change your atmosphere without changing your address. After you decide on the perfect colours, another important choice arrives -- the type of finish for the room.

Types of Paint Finishes

The five available paint finishes are flat, eggshell, satin, semigloss and glossy. Eggshell and satin finishes are between a flat enamel and a full gloss, with satin paint finish being the shinier of the two.

Eggshell Paint Finish

To picture what an eggshell paint finish is like, think of how an uncooked white eggshell looks -- it has a slight sheen but is not shiny. Although it is easier to clean than a matt (or flat) paint, an eggshell finish still requires a careful cleaning. It is good for walls and allows for more light into the room than a flat enamel finish.

Satin Paint Finish

A satin paint finish contains more gloss than eggshell, making it shinier and easier to clean. As a result, satin paint finishes are common in kitchens, bathrooms and on the trim. Since it can function as wall paint and can handle a light scrubbing, a satin paint finish may also be a good choice for a child's bedroom.

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