The best fox repellent

Updated February 21, 2017

Foxes feed on anything, including plants and small mammals, becoming a nuisance. They sometimes damage other items such as cables while looking for food. Several repellents can effectively keep foxes away.

Taste Repellent

Hot peppers contain a substance known as capsaicin, which stimulates the pain receptors in the mouth and throat. Painting hot sauce on items will not provide long term protection from foxes. However, adding a silicone sealant can maintain protection for years.

Scent Repellent

Several commercial fox repellents use scent to keep foxes away. These products contain ammonium or citronella and come in spray and granule formulations. Both scents make foxes think that another animal is fighting for the territory.


Some traditional fox repellents such as creosote, diesel and petrol can become safety hazards. Commercial repellents sometimes become unavailable for safety reasons and keeping up to date with repellent status will minimise dangers related to repellent use.

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