Hydraulic Press Safety

Updated November 21, 2016

Operators running a hydraulic press are responsible for correctly positioning, feeding and removing materials from the machine. Due to the high amount of operator involvement necessary to run the machine, safety is of utmost importance and only trained personnel should operate a hydraulic press.


Always wear safety glasses when working with hydraulic presses. Handle materials carefully, wear gloves when loading feeders and be aware of sharp edges. Maintain a safe distance when feeding metal into the machine. Keep hands and body away from the machine during cycling. Keep work areas orderly, clean up all oil and grease spills immediately to avoid falling hazards.


Before starting the machine, locate the hydraulic stop switch in case of an emergency. Before reaching into the machine, shut off the power, the press hydraulic system and the auxiliary equipment air. When turning on the machine after a shutdown, first turn on the hydraulic press system before turning on the air and the electric power.


Foot pedal controls must be equipped with a foot guard. Machine guards, such as two hand tripping devices, barrier guards and electronic safety devices must be attached to the machine to protect operators. Enclose hydraulic pump and motor.

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