Mahogany tree facts

Written by daniella lauren | 13/05/2017
Mahogany tree facts
(Jupiterimages/ Images)

Mahogany trees are native tropical or rainforest trees found mostly in Africa and Latin America. The wood is extremely popular for fine furniture, trim and sculptures.


The mahogany tree can grow to 150 feet tall, with a trunk nearly 6 feet in diameter. It typically has a large canopy and is mostly an open-crown tree.


Wood from the mahogany tree comes in a wide range of colours. Common colours include yellow, red, pink, brown or salmon when first cut. The wood will change to a reddish brown as it ages.


Most mahogany wood has a fine to medium texture, making it excellent to work with both machine and hand tools. Frequently used for fine furniture, cabinetry and interior trim work, it also has good characteristics for nailing and screwing.

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