What Is the Proper Height for Kitchen Bar Stools?

Updated February 21, 2017

There are many uses for stools in the kitchen, but there are also many different heights of counters and bars, and their appropriate stools may be confused. Check the height of your countertop or bar top before purchasing any kitchen stools.

Bar Height

A typical bar is about 40 inches to 42 inches tall. For such a bar height, a bar stool should be about 30 inches tall to the top of the seat. A raised breakfast bar in a kitchen or a bar-height table will require bar-height stools so that people can eat and drink comfortably.

Counter Height

Standard kitchen counters are 36 inches high. Counter-height bar stools are 24 inches to 26 inches high. These kinds of counter stools are perfect if you have a kitchen island or peninsula where you want people to be able to eat and gather. A bar-height stool would be too tall in this situation.

Kitchen Chair

In comparison, kitchen tables are usually only 28 to 30 inches tall, so kitchen chair seats are usually only 18 inches off the ground. While perfectly comfortable at a dining table, a kitchen chair is much too short for kitchen counters or bars.

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