Mining dump truck training

Updated April 17, 2017

Mining dump trucks, also called haul trucks, are large, heavy-duty vehicles mainly used off-highway in open pit mining. Training is legally required in most states and must be administered by certified training providers or driving schools.


Mining dump trucks transport heavy loads in areas where there are obstacles to negotiate. Operators are required to skilfully manoeuvre the truck and load around holes, uneven ground and other workers, while preventing the vehicle from sliding, getting stuck or tipping over.


Mining dump trucks fall into the category of heavy equipment and training is provided by specialised course providers in the field. Most employers require dump truck operators to have a Class-A commercial driver's license (CDL) and some course providers combine the dump truck license with the Class-A CDL. Mining dump truck training is also often combined with tutoring in other heavy equipment such as excavators and road graders.


Students are taught to operate mining dump trucks in an obstacle environment and through classroom instruction. Depending upon required level and the students' skill, courses can last from one to seven weeks and will cost between £975 to £5,850 (as of 2010). Certification will be issued after passing a practical and a theoretical test.

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