What Can You Do with a Broken LCD TV?

Written by chris ciaccia | 13/05/2017
What Can You Do with a Broken LCD TV?
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If you have a broken LCD TV, there are a few different things you can do with it. You just need to have some imagination, patience and a realistic perspective. Depending on how broken the TV actually is, it can be fixed, recycled or sold.

Fixing the TV

If you are going to fix your LCD TV, go to a local TV repair shop and explain to them exactly what is wrong with the TV. It could be a very cheap fix. If the fix costs around the purchase of a new TV, then you have to ask yourself whether it's easier just to buy a new TV.

Recycling the TV

If you decide to get rid of your LCD TV, do not simply put it by the curb for the garbage collectors, as some models contain harmful chemicals and need to be disposed of properly. Contact your local recycling official to see if there is a program for collecting old TVs. If they do not, check with the maker of the LCD to see if the company has its own recycling program.

Selling the TV

There are certain websites or buyers who take broken TVs, fix them, and resell them. If you decide to sell the LCD TV, contact these people, either via a repair shop or resale website, to see if they will buy your TV. Chances are, if the TV isn't too badly broken, they will buy the TV from you, and you will be able to make some money back.

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