Samsung DVD Recorder Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

DVD recorders are used to copy DVDs and transfer VHS tapes to a modern medium. They can back up videos in case something happens to the original version. Some Samsung models can experience problems.

DVDs Won't Copy says many commercial DVDs are encoded with protection that keeps them from being copied. (See Reference 1.) Movie distributors include this protection to prevent consumers from making illegal bootleg copies of movies. Most DVD recorders, including Samsung models, will not let you copy movies that have this protection.

DVD-R Discs Won't Work

Some Samsung DVD recorders have trouble interacting with various brands of blank DVD-R discs. Manufacturers use different materials to make their blank discs and the laser on some DVD recorders is not strong enough to write on some discs. Research your model to see if there are brands of discs that don't work with it.

DVD Copies Don't Play

DVD recorders aren't as simple to use as VCRs. For instance, once the DVD is burnt, you have to finalise the disc. The finalisation process prevents additional information from being written and allows the disc to work with other DVD players.

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