Pioneer PD-S802 Specifications

Written by andrew cohen | 13/05/2017

Pioneer is a multinational corporation based in Kawaski, Japan. The PD-S802 is a home CD player made by Pioneer. Pioneer has discontinued production of home CD players in favour of the newer Blu-ray format.

General Specifications

The Pioneer PD-S802 is a home CD player that features Pioneer's Legato Link conversion technology, which produces superior sound quality. This CD player also features a stable platter mechanism in which the CD is inserted upside down onto a phonograph-like platter.

Electrical Specifications

When plugged into a power outlet, the Pioneer PD-S802 consumes a maximum of 18 watts. The main power supply ranges from 220 to 240 volts. This CD player can be powered at either 50 or 60 hertz. The Pioneer PD-S802 features an optical RCA output.


The Pioneer PD-S802 is 42.5cm wide, 28cm deep, and stands 13.5cm tall. This CD player was manufactured in Japan.

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