Where Can I Find Resident Evil Wavs?

Updated June 05, 2017

Resident Evil WAVs are available from several different online sites. These WAV files can be used as ringtones for cell phones or as replacement sounds for the computer. Sound effects are available from the video game series as well as the movie series.

Resident Evil 4 Sound FX

Almost all of the sound effects from the Resident Evil 4 game can be downloaded from The sound files are broken up into three batches. Links to the voice files from the game are also included for those wishing to use the in-game dialogue as sound effects or ringtones. The files not in WAV format can be converted using WinAmp Player.

Resident Evil Ringtones

Users looking for Resident Evil WAVs for direct download to their cell phone can search on for "Resident Evil." The site hosts several downloads including game sounds and music from the Resident Evil movie series. The Resident Evil 3 Ending Theme is available for direct download to your cell phone by clicking the "Send Ringtones to your Cell" text.


Torrent sites will occasionally have a selection of Resident Evil WAVs available for downloads. Popular search sites include, and These files can be downloaded using a Torrent client.

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