SCUBA Pro Diving Technician Training

Written by gabe mariani | 13/05/2017
SCUBA Pro Diving Technician Training
SCUBA requires care and proper safety. (scuba diver entering the water image by starush from

SCUBA technicians service and maintain equipment that keeps people safe and breathing underwater. The different parts work together in a highly specialised way that requires strict training and attention to detail.

SCUBA Equipment

Even mechanically inclined people can damage or destroy SCUBA equipment due to its intricate construction. The wide variety of gear that needs to be in proper working order -- from oxygen tanks to regulators to less well-known equipment such as compressors -- requires specific coursework to understand. SCUBA technicians are responsible for peoples' lives.

Oversight Bodies

SCUBA technicians can be certified by the Association of Scuba Service Engineers & Technicians (ASSET) or the Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing (IDEST). Registered IDEST technicians are specifically trained to service and test SCUBA tanks, while ASSET training covers all areas of SCUBA technology. ASSET and IDEST operate under the authority of The SCUBA Industry Trade Association (SITA).

Getting Certified

Schools that offer ASSET and IDEST certification usually have hands-on courses in popular SCUBA tourist destinations. This allows for intensive training in all areas of SCUBA equipment servicing and testing. Online courses only allow for partial diver training.

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