When Do You Cut Back English Lavender?

Written by robert w. lewis | 13/05/2017
When Do You Cut Back English Lavender?
Careful pruning of lavender produces abundant blooms. (Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Many gardeners desire to have full, lush, English lavender (Lavender angustifolia) plants, topped by abundant, fragrant flowers. Easy to grow, lavender requires proper pruning to keep it from becoming leggy and help it reach its full potential.

Spring Trimming

English lavender should be trimmed in early spring just as the buds begin to swell near the centre of the plant. Cut the plant back by about half into a round or mounded shape.

Repeat Blooming

Lavender also can be pruned in early summer after the blooms fade to encourage blooming in late summer. Cut each stem back by about half as its flower fades. Harvesting the blooms to enjoy as cut flowers achieves the same thing.

Size Control

If you want to reduce the size of English lavender, cut it back hard, within a few inches of the crown, during spring pruning. Never cut below the swollen buds.

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