Facial electrotherapy

Written by brock cooper | 13/05/2017
Facial electrotherapy
Facial treatments that use machines are considered facial electrotherapy. (facial mask image by sasha from Fotolia.com)

Facials and facial therapy have long been a popular choice for women seeking age treatments and skin care. Any facial treatment that uses electricity including if only to run the machine, is considered facial electrotherapy.


Facials were originally administered using the hands and was a mixture of facial massage and chemical application. Modern facial treatments use both the manual application as well as machines created to aid in the beauty treatment and relaxation.


There are many types of facial electrotherapy including microdermabrasion, which helps exfoliate and treat ageing skin, and radio frequency machines that use ultrasound and RF waves to help eliminate fine lines and treat ageing skin. Galvanic treatments include metal rollers and other applicators to help with deep cleansing.

Non-surgical Face Lift

Microcurrent treatments are also known as the non-surgical face lift and actually uses an electrical current to help treat the skin. A small electrical current is administered and it aims to lift and tighten the skin. Due to the application of a small current, you may experience a slight tingling of the skin.

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