Facts About British Airways

British Airways is the United Kingdom's primary airline, based at London's Heathrow Airport. There are a few important facts about British Airways, however, the average traveller may not know.


In 2009, British Airways celebrated its 90th anniversary. The company had its official start in the 1930s when it was created as a result of several smaller airlines merging. In 1974, the modern incarnation of British Airways was created by the merger of BEA and BOAC airlines.


The features you experience on a British Airways flight depend on the class of service in which you are travelling. First class travellers, for example, fly in seats that can be converted to a lying position. While first class flyers can select their gourmet meal from a detailed menu, economy class passengers are offered in-flight refreshments.


As of 2010, British Airways travels to more than 400 destinations. From Heathrow alone, passengers can visit Amsterdam, Madrid, Beijing and many other cities.

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