What Should I Do for My 17th Birthday?

Updated April 17, 2017

Planning a birthday can actually be quite a tricky experience if you are not quite sure what exactly you want to do. Decide on something you like that you can do with some friends to make it extra fun.

Themed Party --- Boys

Most people like a good birthday party. If you are deciding whether to have a party think about themed parties like fancy dress. A 1920 mobster party with all your friends would a good idea to consider. If not, then a cowboy fancy dress party or 50s rock party.

Game Parties---Boys

Boys love video games and having a party with a sleepover and video games will be a treat. Stock up on plenty of pizza, chips, soda and nibbles. If your bedroom is too small for all your buddies, maybe your parents will let you use the living room or den for the night.

Camping Parties --- Boys

If you live in an area where you can go camping overnight, you can gather your buddies together and head out to the woods or the lake and do some fishing. Remember to bring safety equipment and a first aid kit.

Themed Party --- Girls

Fancy dress for girls is just as much fun as it is for boys. Themes could be music parties where participants dress up in 70s clothes or 60s hippie gear.

Makeover and Movie Party --- Girls

Another good idea is a makeover and movie party where you and your friends watch chick-flicks and do each other's make-up.

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