Recommended heel wedge placement for foot supination

Written by julia derek | 13/05/2017

If your foot rolls to the outside from the heel to the forefoot when you walk, your foot supinates and you may benefit from heel wedges. Consider seeking guidance from a podiatrist or physical therapist before purchasing heel wedges.


Before purchasing heel wedges -- which you can easily do online without a prescription -- determine that your foot actually supinates. According to the website Feet Relief, " many people tend to incorrectly self-diagnose symptoms of supination." Either visit a podiatrist to find out or check at least one pair of your well-worn flat shoes. If the soles of your shoes show more wear at the outsides, you supinate.


The heel wedge, correctly positioned, will realign and stabilise your foot. To correct supination, place the wedge where the lateral -- outside -- part of your foot goes. Because two sizes of heel wedges are available, you must decide how severe your supination is before purchasing them. When in doubt, purchase the larger size because you can easily cut the wedge to fit your shoe and supination severity.


When used correctly, heel wedges will decrease cartilage, tendon, ligament and bone pain due to poor foot alignment. Your ankles will become more stable, and you will prevent sprains. Using properly placed heel wedges will prevent further supination of the foot.

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