High school library display ideas

Written by megan burns | 13/05/2017
High school library display ideas
Encourage teenagers to read with clever library displays. (library books image by Daughterson from Fotolia.com)

A clever library display can inspire high school students to read more. Be creative in your approach, but keep your theme ideas current and relevant to teenage interests. If you find yourself stumped for ideas, draw inspiration from various holidays throughout the year.


Try creating a spooky display around Halloween. Display a selection of scary Science Fiction or Fantasy books that you think students would find appealing. Use creepy images and props to make the display pop; you can use fake cobwebs and spiders to place around the books you display.

Valentine's Day

Create a pink, red and white display around Valentine's Day. Use pastel heart cutouts to write down the titles of popular romantic Young Adult books that teenagers would find appealing. Behind the various hearts, add a cutout piece of paper that resembles a conversation heart candy box. On the front of the box, write a catchy slogan like, "Fall in Love With a Good Book."


Create a summery library display just before school lets out to encourage students to read over their summer vacation. Use bright, sunny images, like beaches and palm trees, as a background for a wall or notice board, and add an enticing slogan like "Dive Into Reading" at the top. Display books that would make interesting beach reads, or books about travel and exploration.

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