Art technician training

Written by leah shiota | 13/05/2017
Art technician training
An art technician works in the education field. (art image by cico from

An art technician is an occupation in the United Kingdom, similar to a teacher's aide or assistant. In order to qualify for such a position, individuals should train in an educational field and have a passion for art.


An art technician's function is to assist an art teacher inside the classroom as well as in preparing lessons. Since art technicians will be working side-by-side with both teachers and students of all ages, it is valuable for individuals to gain classroom experience.


Aspiring art technicians can gain sufficient training by studying art subjects in a college or university, such as art history, which will help provide a knowledge base for art. This can also help those in the field gain insight to various teaching techniques and may lead to placements or student teaching opportunities.


Aspiring art technicians can become educated about art through taking classes at a university or online, or at such schools as the Art Institutes. Volunteering to become an art teacher's aide at places like senior centres or after-school programs can be a viable CV builder.

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