How much does an electrical lineman make a year?

Updated April 17, 2017

Electrical linemen or journeymen have dangerous jobs and work in the outdoor elements. But the pay is above average, according to a September 2010 report by, with the opportunity to top £65,000 a year.

Pay By Years

Your level of expertise on the field can have a lot to do with income. According to a September 2010 survey by, you can expect to start out earning between £25,350 and £43,875 a year. Electrical linemen with at least five years of experience are reporting earning between £26,000 and £46,595 a year.

Type Of Employer

Electrical lineman employed with companies are reporting earnings of at least £28,709 and up to £46,163 a year. In contrast, those professionals who are self-employed and taking contract work are reporting much higher incomes, with salaries of at least £46,564 at the lower end and up to £66,128 annually at the higher end.


According to a September 2010 finding by, electrical linemen working in the state of Pennsylvania are reporting some of the lowest earnings in the industry with salaries ranging between £29,250 and £37,375. Their counterparts working in Illinois are reporting some of the higher industry salaries, ranging between £26,000 and £68,123.

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