Can Bleach Be Used to Clean a Wood Floor?

Bleach is a strong substance that removes colour from almost anything. Often used as a laundry agent, it should almost never be used on wood floors. The exception is when you use the bleach to remove colour from the floors.


Bleaching is a process used to remove the top layer of stain, colour or sealant used on wood floors. This is typically done before refinishing a wood floor, and the process can be done with regular laundry bleach.


Bleach is sometimes recommended as a stain removal method, particularly for ink stains. Use caution as this may not only eat through the stain but also through your wood flooring.


Clean your wood floors with a mixture of ½ cup of white vinegar and 1 gallon of cold water. Damp mop your floors by dipping the mop into the bucket and ringing out most of the water. Mop the wood floors with this solution and let air dry.

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