Car Radio Reception Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

Few things are more irritating than hearing static on the radio, especially when one is in the middle of listening to a great show or song. Unfortunately, many factors can interfere with car radio reception.


The antenna is the means through which a car radio can receive AM and FM signals. If the antenna is not raised above the car, or if it is disconnected from the car radio, it will not receive any reception.

Car Interference

If damaged or loose, the electrical components of a car can interfere with radio reception. Possible sources of interference are the sparkplug wiring, alternator and distributor, and fuel pump.

Atmospheric Interference

Conditions near the road are frequent causes of radio signal disruption. Power lines and large machinery will decrease the quality of nearby radio reception. Tunnels and mountainous areas also are likely to distort and even block radio signals.


While road conditions cannot be helped, radio and/or automobile repair services can rectify reception problems within the car itself.

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