Home remedy to clean silver-plated spoons

Written by constance barker | 13/05/2017
Home remedy to clean silver-plated spoons
Use aluminium foil to clean silver-plated spoons. (spoon image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.com)

Silver tarnishes over time, requiring removal to bring back its brilliant shine. A home remedy for cleaning silver-plated spoons uses normal household products to remove stains and tarnish.


The benefits of cleaning silver-plated spoons with a home remedy allows the user a non-chemical alternative to remove tarnish or stains from the spoons. By using items such as baking soda, aluminium foil, salt and vinegar, the introduction of harsh chemicals is prevented.


Using salt or baking soda to clean silver-plated spoons provides cleaning action without using harsh chemicals or tools. Laying spoons onto aluminium foil and running boiling water with baking soda and salt over the top allows tarnish to transfer to the foil through a chemical reaction.


Heavily tarnished silver-plated spoons may need several treatments with a home remedy to fully remove and clean the flatware. Since home remedies do not contain harsh ingredients, they often do not work as quickly and thoroughly the first time.

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