What is the standard size of a kitchen window?

Written by melody buller | 13/05/2017
What is the standard size of a kitchen window?
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When redoing kitchen windows, or even just trying to find blinds, curtains, or valances, measurements are important. Finding the right-sized accessories for a window or the correct size replacement windows, all comes down to measurements.


There are no industry-standard kitchen window sizes according to FHI Windows and Doityourself.com. Often, the term "kitchen window" refers to the window above the kitchen sink and is sized accordingly. Still, there are myriad options available for window size, from the smallest options that let in a little light to the largest windows with a view.

Brand Standards

What is the standard size of a kitchen window?
The window in this kitchen is quite large, while other homes have a small, four-paned window above the kitchen sink. (man in his kitchen image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.com)

While industry standards do not exist, many brands have standard sizes. If the window in question is being replaced with a window of the same brand, contacting a representative from that company may save a few steps in the fact-and product-finding process.


Whether redecorating or replacing windows, the important thing to remember is to measure accurately. Curtains, blinds, and valances do tend to come in a set number of sizes, but they can also be ordered custom. The same is true for the windows themselves. Making sure accurate measurements are on hand at the time of purchase or inquiry can greatly reduce the stress of redecorating.

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