Facts about Mt. Tambora

Written by aurelio locsin | 13/05/2017
Facts about Mt. Tambora
Mount Tambora is located on the island of Sumbawa. (Getty creative)

Located in Southeast Asia, off the northwest coast of Australia, Indonesia offers many adventures for the outdoor enthusiast. You can hike through tropical jungles, explore hidden bays and beaches, or explore reefs surrounding secluded islands. Among the country's more unusual destinations is Mt. Tambora.


Mt. Tambora is an active volcano that rises 2, 850 metres (9,350 feet) on Sumbawa, though it was once as high as 4, 270 metres (14,000 ft).


In 1815, it boasted its biggest eruption, which killed at least 71,000 people. This event affected global climate throughout the world, producing a year without a summer in both Europe and North America.


A climb to the top is recommended only for the physically fit. It takes about 8 hours to go up and 5 hours down, but add about 5 hours to wait for logging trucks to allow passage.


From Dompu, the capital city of Central Sumbawa, proceed to the village of Pancasila, located on the northwest side of the mountain.


For the required climbing permit, either visit the head of Pancasila village or the local climbing club, K-PATA. The latter also has extensive info on the mountain and can offer guides.

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