The Average Vet Bill for a Horse

Updated March 23, 2017

When deciding to buy a horse, consider all of the costs. The initial cost for purchasing a horse is based on factors such as the horse's age, breed and purpose. However, ongoing veterinarian care can be a substantial recurring fee.

Routine Checkups

The annual cost for veterinarian care to perform a checkup and give vaccinations can cost between £130 to £195 for a healthy animal as of 2010. According to Pet Place, this typically covers vaccinations, deworming and "floating" the horse's teeth.


Costs for veterinarian care can rise substantially if the horse develops health problems. For example, conditions such as colic can cost from £97 to £162 for the veterinarian visit. Medication is additional. If the condition becomes serious costs can jump from £487 to £650.

Insurance Plan

Insurance plans can be purchased for mortality and medical issues with your horse. The costs for medical coverage depends on factors like the age and prior conditions of the horse. The cost can be £97 a year or more and a deductible that must be met.

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