How to Buy Large Pumice Stones

Updated April 17, 2017

Pumice stones are porous and naturally made from lava that cools after a volcanic eruption. The stones come in various sizes and styles depending on how you plan to use them, and are available online and in stores.

Cosmetic Use

Pumice stones naturally exfoliate the skin. As a large stone block, they remove calluses and corns from feet and hair from the skin. Some stones also come with an attached brush, a rope handle, a gel back and a toenail file. As a powder in creams and cleansers, pumice helps exfoliate the skin. These stones can be found in most drugstores and beauty supply sites online.

Cleaning Agent

Around the house, pumice stones remove rust, stains and paint from a number of surfaces, including porcelain such as toilets and sinks. Pumice stones made for this purpose, such as the Pumie scouring stick, are at most hardware stores.

Industrial Use

Pumice stones are used to make lightweight building material, such as concrete. These stones are generally available through building suppliers. Pumice also gives jeans a stonewashed, worn look when you put the two through a cycle in the washing machine, or use it as a sandpaper. This stone is similar to those used cosmetically, and is available at drugstores or beauty supply websites.

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