What are the signs of complete exhaustion?

Written by katina blue | 13/05/2017
What are the signs of complete exhaustion?
Complete exhaustion can cause a lack of energy. (runner image by Marianna Poloskei from Fotolia.com)

Complete exhaustion is a condition that causes an extreme decrease in energy. It generally stems from stress and various diseases, such as cancer. There are several signs that indicate you are suffering from complete exhaustion.


Complete exhaustion, also called excessive fatigue disorder, is usually caused by mental stress rather than physical exertion.


Exhaustion can cause mood swings. You may feel annoyed or frustrated in response to situations that would normally not bother you.

Another sign is fatigue. You may also feel persistently sleepy during the day and struggle to stay awake. You may feel extremely tired, even after an adequate amount of sleep and rest. You may also have a hard time completing daily activities that require physical movement.


Since exhaustion is often a result of stress, therapy, anger management and relaxing exercise, such as yoga, are some of the recommended treatments for stress management. If an existing disease, such as cancer, is the cause, treating the disease should eventually relieve exhaustion symptoms.

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