The Criminal Justice Act of 1988 Section 39

Written by drew lichtenstein | 13/05/2017

The Criminal Justice Act of 1988 is one of several criminal justice acts that clarifies and updates the criminal justice code of the United Kingdom, which does not have a written Constitution like the United States. Section 39 deals with common assault and battery.

Section 39

Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act of 1988 declares common assault and battery a summary offence.

Summary Offenses

A summary offence is a crime that does not require a trial and does not show up on the guilty party's criminal record.


According to the act, the punishment for a common assault or battery is a maximum of six months in jail or a fine not exceeding level five on the standard scale.

Level 5

The maximum amount that a level five fine can be is 2268 Kilogram.

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