Chief Concierge Job Description

Updated March 29, 2017

A chief concierge is employed in a hotel, casino or resort. This customer-orientated position involves assisting guests and supervising the concierge team. notes that some concierges move into the role from other positions in the hospitality industry.


Employers typically look for those with a high school diploma, although hotels that are more exclusive may prefer candidates with some college education. reports that some on-the-job training is always provided.


Strong interpersonal skills, the ability to get along well with others and good customer service skills are important for a chief concierge. The role also requires good leadership qualities and an organised, helpful manner.


The responsibilities of a chief concierge vary among establishments. Typical duties including answering guests' questions, making restaurant reservations and offering advice about local places of interest, in addition to supervising staff.


A chief concierge may work long and hectic hours. The demand for concierges is predicted to grow between 14 and 19 per cent from 2008 to 2018, according to O-Net Online.


According to O-Net, the median annual salary for a concierge in 2009 was £17,725.

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