Quality control technician job description

Updated February 21, 2017

Quality control technicians test and inspect products to ensure the quality and functionality of manufactured goods. The technician may direct the activities of inspectors and testers on the production floor, in addition to setting up test equipment to monitor the quality of materials.

Job Duties

Quality control technicians perform visual inspections on incoming materials and review final products to ensure quality specifications are met. The technician also uses test equipment to evaluate the materials or products and records data from test procedures and inspections.


Quality control technicians must have a strong attention to detail and have the ability to read product specifications and blueprints. A technician must have computer skills to record inspection data and create reports for the quality management team.

Education and Qualifications

Employers require a two-year degree for a quality control technician. The degree program can be in an engineering field or quality control technology. Employers may require a technician to have experience and knowledge of the industry and products.


The average salary for a quality control technician is £30,550 as of July 2010, according to The salary for a quality technician position depends on the industry and qualifications of the candidate.


Quality control technicians can work in a variety of industries such as food processing, manufacturing and software development. This increases the opportunities available to technicians entering the field.

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