Funeral Dress Etiquette

Updated April 17, 2017

Funerals are a time of mourning. Funeral attire needs to reflect the sombre mood. It should not call attention to the wearer.


For a funeral or visitation service, men should dress in semi-formal attire, according to Calhoun Falls Funeral Home's funeral etiquette information. A suit and tie are appropriate, or even a jacket and tie without a full suit.


Women should also wear semi-formal clothing. This includes modest dresses, slacks and an appropriate top, or even trousers or skirt suit.


Bright colours are not appropriate for funeral attire. According to The Funeral Planner, etiquette suggests that subdued tones, such as black, grey or dark blue, are the most appropriate colours for funeral attire.


Bold and bright patterns should be avoided. It's best to stick to solid colours or unobtrusive patterns for funeral wear.


As with appropriate colours and patterns, jewellery, if worn at all, should be modest and subdued. Funerals are not a time to show off your flashy necklaces or earrings.


Avoid brightly coloured accessories, such as pink scarves, red shoes or yellow jackets. Keep the focus on the situation and not on your attire.

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