What Are Different Types of Blue & Yellow Flowers?

Updated June 01, 2017

Many types of flowers come in blue or yellow with some combining the two colours. Some blue flowers appear more royal purple in colour. Yellow flowers vary from bright yellow to gold to yellow-orange.


Hydrangeas are some of the best recognised blue flowers. In order to retain their blue colour, they require special hydrangea blue fertiliser.


Clematis produce starlike flowers with a small white or slightly yellowish centre. Clematis flowers are much lighter than many other blue flowers.


Daisies are most commonly associated with the colour yellow. Their flowers range in size from about the size of a fingertip to dinner plates.


Marigolds have large, spherical flowers that range from bright yellow to golden to orange in colour. They have a very distinctive scent that is commonly used in cosmetics.


Irises come with both blue and yellow flowers. Many blue flowers are more purple in colour and have either yellow or white in the centre.

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