Dual Professionalism in Further Education

Updated March 21, 2017

Higher Education is a valid option for those considering a career change regardless of age or experience level. With the threat of Social Security drying up many professional adults realise the wise investment an additional degree provides. Having more than one degree widens career options and protects many people in uncertain economic times.


Dual professionals have two areas of expertise they may exercise at different stages of their life, at different times of their career or even simultaneously. In the field of Entertainment for example, many athletes and singers have a business of their own possibly in fashion, nutrition and health or even own a restaurant with their name on it.


Some students pursue an additional degree or career because their current career options are coming to an end. An athlete who is approaching retirement falls into this category. Some are multi-talented individuals who wish to fulfil their potential in more than one are at a time. Others seek economic security through options.


The benefits of exploring further education as a dual professional is the economic advantages it brings. With more ways to generate income, the dual professional makes more money. Having "something to fall back on" gives the worker a greater freedom to excel and to take risks that excellence requires in both areas.


There is often a synergistic effect between the two careers. Important contacts and opportunities are generated between the two fields. People who do not know about one of your businesses become familiar through their contact with you in the other. There is also the perceived competence effect that carries over from one career to the other.


In pursuing advanced degrees one must not neglect current responsibilities either professionally or personally. It does little good to ruin one career by over extending yourself in studying for another. Family relationships that are key to your mental, emotional and spiritual health must also not be neglected.

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