Driveway Guard & Kid Safety

Updated November 21, 2016

Driveway guards consist of lightweight, retractable netting with two poles on either side to stick in the ground. These driveway guards help keep children safe from motor vehicles in the road.

Small children

Driveway guards provide a soft barrier to give young children a visual play barrier. Visual barriers give them clearer boundaries than verbal warnings about keeping away from the street.

Older Children

The soft netting of the driveway guard cannot keep a child out of the road if he fell into it with enough force. It does, however provide a physical boundary when his attention focuses on play instead of safety.


Balls in play tend to roll uncontrollably. Driveway guards keep those balls within the driveway limits, so children won't chase them into the road.


The driveway guard not only deters children from running into the road, it also prevents vehicles from coming into the driveway, says One Step Ahead. The cautionary orange colour helps drivers to see the netting.


There is no substitution for parental supervision. Especially for very young children, the driveway guard simply aids a supervising parent.

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