Customer liaison job description

Written by laura agadoni | 13/05/2017
Customer liaison job description
A customer liason must solve problems in a timely manner. (Image by, courtesy of Alexander Kaiser)

A customer liaison acts as a focal point for customer problems, questions or concerns. They coordinate with the proper company personnel to provide timely and accurate answers for the customers. This position requires good people skills.


This position usually requires a bachelor's degree in business or a related major.


Applicants are usually required to have several years of experience in working with customers in a help desk or customer service capacity.


Customer liaisons must possess good communication skills, both verbally and written. The applicant must have a professional demeanour.

Job Particulars

Duties vary depending on the facility where you will work. For example, if you are at a large plant, you may give tours. Some customer liaisons process customer orders. You may be part of the management team and will lead a team.


As of 2010, the average customer liaison salary in Michigan is £29,900. Michigan salaries for customer liaisons are 8 per cent lower than nationwide figures.

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