What are the causes of tingling fingertips?

Updated April 17, 2017

People who have tingling fingers can be suffering from a number of medical conditions. The tingling or related numbness, also known as parasthesia, is usually caused by ailments that affect nerve endings and/or blood vessels that supply blood to the arms and hands.


Tingling fingers can be caused by more serious medical conditions, such as peripherhal vascular disease, multiple sclerosis or shingles. It is extremely important to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor so that the proper treatment can be administered.


Tingling fingers can also be caused by conditions that are more psychological in nature. These conditions can include adult panic-anxiety syndrome, anxiety attacks and Raynaud's syndrome, which is highly stress related.


A herniated cervical disc, or even spondylosis in the neck vertebrae, can cause pinched nerves and tingling fingertips. There are four main cervical nerve roots that affect various areas of the shoulder, arms, hands and fingers. For example, the C-7 nerve root between C-6 and C-7 vertebrae affects the middle finger, according to Cervical Disc Shoulder Pain.


Alcoholic neuropathy can cause numbness in a person's fingertips. Long-term alcohol can have a toxic effect on various nerves.


Tingling fingertips can be caused by conditions that could potentially lead to the loss of the finger or hand. People who suspect frostbite or diabetes should see a doctor immediately.

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