Where Can I Buy Violet Plants?

Violets are pretty and easy to grow. Their blooms are truly violet-coloured and they can be grown from seed or established plants. You can grow common violets indoors or out. African violets are grown indoors.


You can get violet plants from mail-order catalogues usually published by nurseries. Purchase both common and African violets this way.

Garden Center

Purchase common violet plants at garden centres, but they may not carry African violets unless they sell houseplants.


You can go on the Internet and do a search of nurseries. As an added bonus, you can compare prices.


There are greenhouses that specialise in African violets. Find them in the phone book or online. Greenhouses may have special varieties of violets or hybrids.


If you grow African violets, you may need special potting soil or grow lights if you don't have the correct lighting in your home. Some people prefer certain types of pots as well.

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