What is a natural enzyme carpet cleaner?

Enzyme carpet cleaners are popular treatments for stains and odours in carpet. These natural, earth-friendly products contain plant-based, biodegradable enzymes that break down malodorous bacteria and solid matter.


Enzyme carpet cleaners most commonly take the form of liquid sprays. Some manufacturers also offer foams and steam-cleaning solutions that contain active enzymes.


Enzymatic carpet cleaners contain active enzymes similar to those found in the digestive tract. These compounds break down and "digest" odour-causing compounds and bacteria.


Enzyme carpet cleaners function weakly as disinfectants; consumers should not rely upon them to fully sterilise a contaminated surface.


Unlike conventional carpet cleaners, natural enzyme products are fully biodegradable and nontoxic. They are considered to be safe for use around pets and children.


Enzymatic carpet cleaners are most often used as treatments for stains and odours caused by pet waste. The Green Living website Naturally Savvy also recommends enzyme cleaners for blood, grass, wine and ink.

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