Salon Hair Gloss Treatment

Updated April 17, 2017

Salon hair gloss treatments are available at most salon and spas that offer hair services. These gloss treatments are a quick service that can enhance hair colour, add shine and protect the life of your hair colour.

What Is a Gloss Treatment?

A salon hair gloss treatment is a semi- or demipermanent colour (often clear) designed to add shine and gloss to hair strands.

Gloss Treatments to Coat and Protect

Gloss treatments coat hair, giving it a beautiful sheen. A salon hair gloss treatment can also protect hair colour from early fading. You can opt to have a gloss treatment added on after a hair colour for maximum benefits. The treatment typically takes less than twenty minutes.

Gloss Treatment Colors

A salon hair gloss treatment is typically clear and just adds shine while protecting your current hair colour. You can, however, enhance your current hair colour by requesting a gloss treatment in a complementary colour to your current hue.

How Long Do the Benefits Last?

The website recommends getting a gloss treatment every six to eight weeks to maintain shine and protective features.

At-Home Salon Hair Gloss Treatments

Salon hair gloss treatments have become so in demand that hair product companies like John Frieda are creating at-home hair gloss treatments. These gloss treatments are available at retailers like Target and Sephora and can be used at home to get similar results to in-salon hair gloss treatments.

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