Acid reflux cough natural treatment

Updated April 03, 2017

Acid reflux produces many symptoms, including cough. Several natural treatments can ease the cough, although the best way to treat the cough is to treat the reflux, which can also be controlled through natural, self-help means. Consulting with a health care professional experienced in alternative medicine is advised.

Natural Treatments to Ease Cough

Mix honey with tea or warm water. Herbal treatments to relieve cough include eucalyptus, marshmallow, slippery elm, liquorice, sundew and thyme. These treatments come in a variety of forms including lozenges, teas and supplements. Homeopathic treatments include bryonia, causticum, drosera, ipecacuanha, phosphorous, rumex and spongia. Take as directed on the product label.


Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. This will dilute acid and help flush it from your system, easing cough and other symptoms.

Avoiding Gastrointestinal Irritants

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and carbonated beverages.

Dietary Suggestions

Avoid foods that are spicy, fatty and acidic. Do not eat chocolate, spearmint or peppermint. Full-fat dairy can also be problematic. Keep a diary of your triggers. You might have to avoid additional foods.


Eat more frequent smaller meals rather than three large ones. Do not lay down for at least three hours after eating and raise the head of your bed six to nine inches.

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