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Updated February 21, 2017

Produced by OM Pharma, Dicynone is a brand name for the prescription medication etamsylate. Although not available for use in the United States, doctors in a number of other countries prescribe Dicynone.


Dicynone functions by making cells in your blood stream, known as platelets, stick together more easily. Because of this, Dicynone hastens the blood clotting process, meaning that you bleed for a shorter period of time.


Due to its effects on bleeding, doctors prescribe Dicyclone for the treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding and for the treatment of haemorrhages or sudden bleeding. In addition, doctors use Dicyclone in the prevention of bleeding of the heart in infants and uncontrolled bleeding during or after surgery in patients of all ages.

Time frame

For treating haemorrhages in adults, doctors typically prescribe one or two tablets of Dicynone two to three times per day until the danger of bleeding has passed. For heavy menstruation, the normal dosage is one or two tablets three times per day for 10 days, according to the makers of Dicynone. Doctors also give one or two tablets of Dicynone one hour before surgery and then 1 or 2 intravenous ampules of the medication every four to six hours if there is a danger for bleeding after surgery.


Dicynone is available in a number of countries, including: Mexico, the European nations of France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Russia; the African countries of Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria; the Asian nations of India, Indonesia and Vietnam; the Middle Eastern countries of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon; and the Central and South American nations of Honduras and Peru.


Side effects of Dicynone include temporary drops in blood pressure, nausea, headaches and skin rashes. Infrequently, Dicynone causes life-threatening allergic reactions in patients, resulting in shortness of breath or anaphylactic shock, warns the makers of the drug.

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