Posh Curtain Draping Styles

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding the right posh curtain draping style for the home is a matter of taste and style. Most posh curtain draping styles are simple, allowing the eloquence of expensive material do the talking.


The material makes or breaks a posh curtain draping style. The material should be of high quality and well cared for. Colour and design do not make a difference, but the quality of the material does. Cheap cotton curtains hanging in a posh style still look like cheap cotton curtains. Velvet curtains hanging in a simple manner look eloquent. Other materials to look into include high quality cottons, silks, wool and some synthetic materials.


A posh curtain draping style can be ruined if improper hardware is used. The curtain rods should match the rest of the room's decor. The style of curtain rods and the length needed can vary depending on the styles of curtain draping, but generally speaking you should be prepared for the rod to be seen.

Posh Single Draping

Single draping is when a piece of fabric is hung between the two curtains, making the shape of an M in the window. The fabric should match the curtains and the rest of the room, with the ends of the fabric on the outside of the hanging rod, the fabric tucked behind the rod at the 1/4 and 3/4 of the way down the rod, and the middle section hanging over the rod.

Posh Curtain Valance

Curtain valances are pieces of fabric that sit over the top of the curtains, framing the curtains and sometimes hiding the curtain rod. Valances can add quite a bit of flair to the curtain drapes and can help to set the curtain draping style apart from other curtains.

Simple Posh Curtain Draping

Simply hanging the curtains can be extremely stylish and posh. This is due to the easy look and handling of the curtain draping style. The richness of this style is in the quality of material, rather than having the curtains look overly done.


The posh curtain draping styles must work within the room that they are set in. If the room is a very modern style room, placing a frilly and fancy window treatment in it will give the opposite effect from what is expected. While the colour of the fabric has very little to do with the quality of the fabric, if the fabric colour clashes with the surrounding room, the effect will be tacky rather than posh.

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