Can synthetic hair be dyed?

Written by jennifer van leigh | 13/05/2017

Though synthetic hair comes in a variety of colours, you may want to create a custom piece to call your own, or add a new hue to your synthetic wig. Though dark synthetic hair cannot be lightened, a few options exist for dyeing synthetic hair a dark or funky colour.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic hair is made out of a plastic or acrylic, which cannot withstand the high heat associated with many dye methods. Using extreme heat when dyeing can warp or melt synthetic hair.

Synthetic Hair Colors

Dyeing synthetic hair with fabric dye will not remove the original colour, only add to it. For example, if you have red synthetic hair, your options for a new colour are purple and orange, by adding blue or yellow fabric dye, respectively. If you are looking to create your own colour, it is best to begin with white or platinum synthetic hair.

Fabric Dyes

Easily available fabric dyes such as RIT and Tintex are recommended by MHRW International for dyeing synthetic hair. To ensure a deep colour, it is best to apply the dye in concentrated form.

Coloured Hair Gels

Coloured hair gels such as Dye Hard by Manic Panic can be applied to synthetic hair and combed through for a solid new colour. The gel can cover the existing synthetic hair colour and washes away easily.

Use of Hair Dye

Not only will regular hair dye do nothing to alter the colour of synthetic hair, the chemical components of hair dye can degrade or dissolve the hairpiece.

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