Motion sickness medications for dogs

Updated November 21, 2016

Our best friend can get motion sickness just like we do. It can be a lot more unpleasant however having a dog that is nauseated from travelling. There are different remedies and medications that we can administer to our canine companion that will ease their motion sickness.


Benadryl is perhaps the most common motion sickness medication for dogs. Many veterinarians will recommend giving a dog 20 mg of benadryl per 9.07 Kilogram of bodyweight. The properties in benadryl that cause drowsiness help the dog fight off motion sickness.


Bonine is an antihistamine just like benadryl. However, it is also designed to prevent motion sickness. While made for human consumption, veterinarians can legally recommend Bonine for motion sickness medication for dogs.


Another motion sickness medication for dogs is Dramamine. The properties in Dramamine decrease the motion sickness symptoms as well as reduce any nausea.


In cases of severe motion sickness, veterinarians may prescribe a small dosage of Phenobarbital. While Phenobarbital was designed to be used to control seizures, as a sedative it also works as motion sickness medication for dogs.

Veterinarian Recommendation

While all of the above mentioned medications have been proven effective in treating the symptoms of motion sickness in our canine companions, they should never be administered without being specifically recommended by a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will not only prescribe the most beneficial medication for your dog, but also inform you of the proper dosage for the size, weight and age of your dog.

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