Greenery used in cut flower arrangements

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating a cut flower arrangement for a wedding or any event is not only about choosing the right types and colours of flowers. Understanding the different types of greenery or foliage used to complete the arrangement is also key.


Greenery adds fullness, hides the structure and adds an aesthetic appeal to the arrangement.


Cut flower arrangements such as bouquets, centrepieces and wreaths commonly use greenery.


Like flowers, different types of greenery hold special meaning. For example, fern means "magic, fascination, confidence and shelter." Ivy means "wedded love or friendship."


Greenery comes in various textures. Lamb's ear, for example, is soft, whereas song leaf is spiky and Xanadu leaf is glossy.


According to Judith A. Blab of, "dead" organic greenery, like dried leaves, should not be used in fresh-cut flower arrangements because dead greenery decomposes and makes the water source stagnant.

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